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Safety is one of the top priorities when it comes to creating a Chevy vehicle that is right for you. The 2016 Cruze and Malibu are both equipped with advanced safety features such as Lane Keep Assist, and Automatic Crash Response, among others.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Rear Cross Traffic Alert uses radar sensors to monitor traffic behind and to the sides of you, and visually warns you of those vehicles using the standard rear vision camera.

Lane Keep Assist: This feature uses sensors to warn you if you unintentionally drift from your lane, and gently helps you steer the vehicle back into the lane if you don't take action.

Forward Collision Alert: Available all-new Forward Collision Alert helps you stay safe with two warnings, a Tailgating Alert to let you know if you're following another vehicle too closely, and a Crash Imminent Alert to signal when you're approaching a vehicle too quickly, so you can take action.

Automatic Crash Response: With available Automatic Crash Response, built-in sensors can automatically alert an OnStar Advisor if your air-bags deploy. The Advisor, who is connected to your Cruze or Malibu, can then see if you need help and contact emergency services.

These are only a few of the many features both the 2016 Cruze and 2016 Malibu have. Chevy has created these advanced safety features as a way to ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience.

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